Dig Up The Roots was a radio show on KFAI from 2004 – 2010 in MPLS, MN. The name references research and discovery. Finding the roots of roots music and the process that leads to something unexpected and wonderful. It has nothing to do with gardening. The show jumped around in the nether regions of recorded audio history – roots music. On this blog are copies of old shows you can listen to, playlists, and other assorted things.

The blog Rimes of the Ancient Mix Master is for the more experimental radio, performance video and the sound collage parts of my recorded history. A few interviews, some general noise making and the machines that allow me to do these things. There are also links to a 29-episode series of 1-hour podcasts from my late 1980’s radio program, Technological Retreat.

Frames and Grooves is the name we use when doing live Audio-Video shows. She does Video mixing and presentation (the Frames portion) and I DJ (providing the Grooves).

I work as a gardener in the nations, second-oldest public rose garden which was founded in 1908, but I haven’t worked there that long. Game of Thorns is my blog about the seedier nature of roses and the beauty that lies underneath.


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