Spinning at a Seance

A super cool event Frames and Grooves is going to be doing some atmospheric Audio/Video for. C’mon down to Lowertown June 3rd.


Summerland – June 3 Event
Held in conjunction with Lowertown First Fridays, this evening of otherworldly fun features artists, performers, and diviners gathered to explore a time in our history when being a medium was a way to survive hardship and contacting the dead was an everyday occurrence.
o SEANCES REVEALED! Michael Callahan will demonstrate what happened at a séance back in the heyday of the Spiritualist Movement, and HOW it happened. Two performances, 7 pm and 9 pm. Tickets, limit 25 people.
o 2 FREE PERFORMANCE STAGES, featuring: Fire Dancer and Glass Walker Billie Marquee, magicians, live music, and presentations about Spiritualism in the Twin Cities in the 1920’s, the Golden Dawn, and more.
o ARTISTS: Featured artists will have work on display throughout the building, including artists from the Tilsner Building
o WINE TASTING: 8-9 pm provided by Lowertown Wines & Spirits
o GHOST WALK: Experience the sights and sounds of the afterworld – Summerland!
o WANDERING READERS & PEFORMERS: Tarot Readers from the Twin Cities Tarot Collective, The Absinthe Fairy, Spirit Drawings, and more
o HUNGRY GHOST ALTAR: Feed the ghosts at the Ghost Tree behind the Tilsner building.