20th century Self-Help

We here at Frames & Grooves are concerned. We are so concerned we did something about it. Now it’s your turn. Time to begin on the motivational path to self fulfillment, personal optimization, resource maximization and achieving that potential ideal that you’ve been seeking. Here’s a brief dip into the self destructive world of 20th century self help records and educational films.


Old & New Years Greetings

One of our hobbies here at Frames & Grooves is making collage calendar images from cheap, dollar store calendars. This year was from Boys Town and was all birds. Until we showed up. Happy Holidays for all the days. Get a treat instead of a treatment.

Technological Retreat


I am very excited about this! I’ve been working with Mason at KFAI setting this up, and we posted the first episode yesterday. Over the winter I digitized close to 100 cassette tapes from my old late-night radio show, Technological Retreat. These podcast programs will be collections of the live mixes, or Sound Collages I enjoyed making in the middle of the night in the 20th century. These weren’t sample or dance based mixes. More like soundtracks from the subconscious that could last moments, or stretch on and on into that place when darkness turns into dawn.

Now available in conveniently sized travel packets, Technological Retreat is online through the help and assistance of KFAI and will be available wherever you get your podcasts from. Now you can take a Technological Retreat with you when ever and where ever you are. It’s the kind of thing you might have heard before, but not really. Be sure to try some today.

TR Image - C

Audio Archeology


Records of any speed * 1/4″ Reel – Reel * Cassettes

AUDIO ARCHEOLOGY is an Audio Transfer and Remastering service. I began working with digital media in 1997, 20+ years ago. I was interested in the digital transferring and remastering of older 78 RPM records from my own collection of weird America. The records that you will never hear again because they are not commercially viable. I like to work with a variety of recorded dead media and know how important “that certain sound” is. If you have something you want to hear and can not play it, you should contact me. I can do one recording or an entire collection. Finished recordings are available in a variety of formats.

Leigh Kamman Legacy Project


We here at Frames & Grooves were thrilled to recently produce a visual slide show for a series of historic recordings of legendary Jazz DJ Leigh Kamman. We were provided several interviews that he had done from the 1940’s through the mid 1960’s. These incredible recordings include interviews with Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum, Henry ‘Red’ Allen, Joe Turner and Woody Herman.

Watch the video.

Spinning at a Seance

A super cool event Frames and Grooves is going to be doing some atmospheric Audio/Video for. C’mon down to Lowertown June 3rd.


Summerland – June 3 Event
Held in conjunction with Lowertown First Fridays, this evening of otherworldly fun features artists, performers, and diviners gathered to explore a time in our history when being a medium was a way to survive hardship and contacting the dead was an everyday occurrence.
o SEANCES REVEALED! Michael Callahan will demonstrate what happened at a séance back in the heyday of the Spiritualist Movement, and HOW it happened. Two performances, 7 pm and 9 pm. Tickets, limit 25 people.
o 2 FREE PERFORMANCE STAGES, featuring: Fire Dancer and Glass Walker Billie Marquee, magicians, live music, and presentations about Spiritualism in the Twin Cities in the 1920’s, the Golden Dawn, and more.
o ARTISTS: Featured artists will have work on display throughout the building, including artists from the Tilsner Building
o WINE TASTING: 8-9 pm provided by Lowertown Wines & Spirits
o GHOST WALK: Experience the sights and sounds of the afterworld – Summerland!
o WANDERING READERS & PEFORMERS: Tarot Readers from the Twin Cities Tarot Collective, The Absinthe Fairy, Spirit Drawings, and more
o HUNGRY GHOST ALTAR: Feed the ghosts at the Ghost Tree behind the Tilsner building.

Jazzbo & The Beanstalk


Al ‘Jazzbo’ Collins climbs up Ub Iwerks bean stalk. This is a copy of one of the first video mash-ups we did at the now closed Suburban World Theater cartoon brunch series. The free form style of Ub Iwerks’ animation blends sooo well with the hip fairy tale telling of Al Collins and piano playing of Steve Allen, that at certain times the synchronicity is hard to believe. But believe it or not, I’m certain you will enjoy it.

If you like this kind of thing I would encourage you to listen to one of my old radio shows, featuring vintage cartoon music. The music was compiled by my friend Tim Fay, who is one of the scoundrels responsible for getting me those gigs at the Suburban World in the first place.